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iPhoneYeta 4E full setup

with an update of iPhoneYeta here

here is the full setup of  iPhoneYeta 4E

Thanks to oman_zap for the link…



iPhoneYeta 4E update only

hello again..

new updates available..

requirements:  you must have iPhoneYeta  4D1 that installed on your pc,if not download the full setup of 4C then update to 4D1..

Full setup of 4E will be posted soon currently compiling full setup..

What’s new?

Added Cydia AutoInstall Directory cleaner..

what’ s the use of this tool?

sometime we accidentally click  no wifi tool tweaks and we don’t want to install it on our device just click Cydia AutoInstall Directory cleaner.

It will delete all deb files inside Cydia AutoInstall Directory.

 To JQT users heres the features of manual deb and manual ipa..

i called this installous loader..

with this features you can send ipa files inside installous download tab.So you need installous application installed on your idevice to work this.

Deb Loader is where you can send deb files on your cydia autoinstall directory.

note: you need to restart your device to autoinstall deb file.

And the last feature is chatroom powered by chatango.

Download updates..

for 4D1 users it will automatically download on your pc.





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