iPhoneYeta 4R


Hello users..
Sorry for the late update.
i’ve been busy for other works.

Anyway this is not a big update.it only fixed some error causing with server.

Change logs:
Remove some old craps from no wifi.
Appsync has been fixed to work up to ios6
Ultrasn0w has been updated to version 1.2.8
Vshare – Alternative to Installous
Fixed iHardware feature (for technicians that do apple hardware) Powered by NuJiN
iOs online tool has been updated.
iCarrier Version 2 was included.(note this is paid iPhone imei checker) required credits and iPhoneYeta ID
iUnlock – iphone factory unlocking service (note this is paid service) required credits and iPhoneYeta ID

Can access also to http://www.iphoneyeta.org or http://www.iphoneyeta.com
And some others features are updated.

Note: Required Microsoft .Net 3.5 Framework Download
Download : Download Full setup
Update Only :  For users that used old iPhoneYeta 4Q Download


For users that only want is iCarrier service
You can download here.
1 credit is equal to $1
Credit per check equals 0.17 or $0.17 or PHP6.8 (Philippine Peso)


New Version iPhoneYeta iCarrier V2
Instant check result
Required Microsoft .Net 3.5 Framework Download
Download here Direct Dwonload


iCarrier 1.2 iPhone IMEI checker

iPhoneYeta iCarrier 1.2

The cheap iPhone imei checker.

Activation Plan Required:

Econo 15 checks daily for only $8 or 330 PHP
Premium 20 checks daily for only $10 or 420 PHP
Deluxe 25 checks daily for only $12 or 500 PHP

All Plans are valid for 30 days only
Once it expired you can buy activation again.

requirements: iPhoneYeta ID
Create here http://www.iphoneyeta.org/ordercredits.php?page=createid
Buy action here http://www.iphoneyeta.org/ordercredits.php
Supported payment : Paypal

Note: This is iPhone Carrier checker not iPhone lock status checker.
If you use this tool to check the lock status you will need to enter the anti abuse code to anti-abuse box
to show the lock status of device..

This tool runs only on windows machine with microsoft .net 3.5
Download here : http://www.mediafire.com/?q8t5ntwaensr0eq

For web base app. you can check imei using this url.

iCarrier – iPhone IMEI Checker

New Hot! cheapest iPhone IMEI Carrier Checker

Today i released a new separated iCarrier from iPhoneYeta Tools.
This checker offers you to check iphone imei carrier checker in cheapest price..

Users need to have iPhoneYeta ID to use this service.

Here are the activation plans

Econo 15 checks daily valid for 1 month $3 or 120 PHP
Premium 20 checks daily valid for 1 month $4 or 160 PHP
Deluxe 25 checks daily valid for 1 month $5 or 210 PHP

Screen shot

To all existing users that already activated.
Don’t worry you will get 3 months activation


Windows Users
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
iPhoneYeta ID create here
Buy activation click here

iPhoneYeta iCarrier 1.0

iPhoneYeta 4Q appsync ios6 patch

Please download this appsync ios6 patch for your iPhoneyeta 4Q.


iPhoneYeta iCarrier Actvation Plan

Here are the choices of activation plan for iPhoneYeta Tool iCarrier.


Econo – you have 9 checks daily,one time payment only for only $7

Premium – you have 13 checks daily,one time payment only for only $10

Deluxe – you have 20 checks daily,one time payment only for only $15


Supported payment type Paypal worldwide and Smartmoney(philippines).


You can purcahse your activation using iPhoneYeta 4Q Tool or going to this link http://www.iphoneyeta.org/ordercredits.php

Make it sure you have iPhoneYeta ID click here to get your id if you don’t have

This is the cheapest checker ever.


iPhoneYeta 4Q


At last… here comes the update.. but not a big update,

Change log:
iPhone 5 connection compatibility
Ultrasn0w fixer for iOS6
Installous 5 for iOS6
Appsync for iOS6
iNanew – IOS6 IPSW link added
BiteSMS updated for iPhone
sorry i don’t have device to add more tweaks.

iCarrier – iPhone IMEI Carrier Checker
Note: this is a paid feature.
Activation required
$15 for activation to have 20 imei checks daily.

Sorry for not giving this for free.. we all know that there’s no more free iphone checker and i spent money to have this feature.


Note: this is an update only full setup is required.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
iPhoneYeta 4P3 Full Setup Donwload
iHarware Plugins — Optional for users that do apple hardware

iPhoneYeta 4Q

Alternative Link:
iPhoneYeta 4Q update setup only
iPhoneYeta 4Q Full setup


whiteClyght (whiteSATAN)



iPhoneYeta iUnlock Service Web Base

Hello guys…

i official announce my new website for iPhone Factory Unlocking Service.

  • 24/7 online.
  • with SMS notification after the process is completed.
  • Use iUnlock ID to place and check your order history.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Supported payments : Paypal , Western Union , MoneyGram , and Smartmoney(Philippine are only).
  • We gave discount for regular users.

Visit here.. http://www.iphoneyeta.org




iPhoneYeta 4P3

New version is iPhoneYeta 4P3
Not a big update only update iUnlock Service with features to check your order.

Easy to order for iPhone factory unlocking just fill up the form and click submit.
Also added Technicians  Dealers Code.
if you have that code you can have a big discount.

Sorry paypal users,i hate paypal they they don't have a good service,
they freezing users account and hold funds for 180 days what the hell is that service.

ok anyway MoneyBookers is good and best alternative to paypal
but iunlock service is not yet supported moneybookers.
i'm waiting for my account to verify.

Only current supported for payment is by using smartmoney (Filipino  users only )
Stay tune for moneybookers payment 
always visit http://www.iphoneyeta.org/ for payment method updates.

Download Updates:

Download Full Setup:

Framework .Net 3.5 SP1
Framework .Net 3.5
iHardware Plugins <— optional for users that works on apple hardware


iPhoneYeta 4O – icarrier version 2

iPhoneYeta 4O – icarrier version 2

New version is arrived..
Fixed a lot of bugs
Old features are updated


iCarrier updated to version 2
Copy on clipboard added to iCast
Restore windows default hosts file
Fixed safemode fixer
Fixed rumtime error of backgroundworker
Can delete corrupted images from iHardware update



iCarrier is updated for users that works on multiple imei(bulk) — this is good for business in imei factory unlocking.


Copy on clipboard added to iCast
this time no need to capture the screenshot of icast.
Just click read info and it will be automatically copied to your clipboard,All you have to do is paste it to text notepad.

Restore windows default hosts file
You can restore your windows hosts file to default



Can delete ihardware corrupted downloaded image.


Fixed safemode fixer
Some users reported me that iPhone 3G,3GS,4 that unlocked in ultrasn0w had lost their network and cannot fixed using reinstalling ultrasn0w

Fixed rumtime error of backgroundworker
When my server is down connecting iPhoneyeta to server takes long time and it cause software to crashed.

Special thanks to Tochits and Bongzkie for the test..

As usual requirements:
iPhoneYeta 4N full setup
Framework .Net 3.5
iHardware Plugins <— optional for users that works on apple hardware

iPhoneYeta 4O update

Mirror link

PhoneYeta 4O update Mirror link


to know more about the features of this tool click here




iPhoneYeta Official HomePage

Sleepy Clyght Shutdown Timer

Hey guy's
i wanna share my new tool made in delphi.
i called this sleepy clyght
This tool can shutdown or reboot your windows pc using timer.
i made this because when i am sleepy and can take it anymore i'm surprise
that when i woke up my computer is still running..
So when you feel sleepy just set this to want time you
want to shutdown your windows machine..
Brought to you by Pinoy Dev Team

Tested on windows xp.
Download Here:

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